Board of Trustees

I. Introduction

A. Call To Order – Chair Bingham

B. Pledge of Alliegiance – Chair Bingham

C. Approval of Agenda – Chair Bingham

D. Approval of Meeting Minutes

  1. 12 June 2014 Board of Trustees Meeting          AGENDA ITEM D.1
  2. 08 August 2014 Board of Trustees Meeting     AGENDA ITEM D.2

E. Executive Committee Report – Chair Bingham

F. Recognition of Departing Board Members – President Brems

G. Oath of Office for UCAT Trustee Val Hale – Barbara Miner


II. Action Items

H. UCAT Policy 101 Bylaw Revision – Executive Committee Membership – Vice President Haines   AGENDA ITEM H

I. Executive Committee Appointments – Chair Bingham   AGENDA ITEM I

J. FY 2014 Student Data – Vice President Haines and Director Rikard   AGENDA ITEM J

K. FY 2016 Budget Requests – Vice President Brinkerhoff   AGENDA ITEM K

L. 2014 UCAT Annual Report – Director Rushton   AGENDA ITEM L

M. UCAT Coordinated Audit – Utah State Auditor John Dougall   AGENDA ITEM M


III. Information Items

N. Apprenticeship Presentation – Trustee Brad Tanner and Trustee Dale Cox   AGENDA ITEM N

O. UCAT Marketing Update for FY 2015 – Director Rushton   AGENDA ITEM O

P. Office of the UCAT President Budget Report – Vice President Brinkerhoff   AGENDA ITEM P

Q. Open Meetings Training – Assistant Attorney General Doug Richards   AGENDA ITEM Q


IV. Action Item

R. UCAT President Evaluation – Chair Bingham   AGENDA ITEM R


V. Closed Session

Board may elect to go into closed session, which will not be open to the public, pursuant to Utah Code Section 52-4-204-206.


VI. Adjourn


Public Notice of Electronic Meeting Access (UCA 52-4-207(3)):  This meeting will be provided with electronic meeting access via conference/speaker telephone for Board of Trustee members only by prior arrangement with the board secretary.  The Utah College of Applied Technology shall be the anchor location for public attendance.