Board of Trustees

March 26, 2015 Board of Trustees Agenda



March 26, 2015  –  10:00 am to 2:00 pm

UCAT Administrative Office

2801 Ashton Blvd.

Lehi, UT 84043

I. Introduction

A. Call To Order – Chair Bingham

B. Pledge of Allegiance – Chair Bingham

C. Approval of Agenda – Chair Bingham

D. Approval of Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes

  • 08 August 2014 Board of Trustees (amended) Minutes      AGENDA ITEM D.1
  • 15 January 2015 Board of Trustees (regular) Minutes        AGENDA ITEM D.2

E. Executive Committee Report – Chair Bingham

F. Recognition of Departing Board Members Dixie Allen and Mike McCandless – President Brems

G. Oath of Office for new UCAT Trustee Barbara W. Corry – Board Secretary Kristin Smith


II. Action Items

H. Proposed Tuition Adjustment for FY 2016 – VP Brinkerhoff                         AGENDA ITEM H

I. Proposed Second Tier Tuition Adjustments – VP Brinkerhoff                         AGENDA ITEM I

J. Proposed Differential Tuition Approvals – VP Brinkerhoff                             AGENDA ITEM J

K. Board of Trustees Calendar Update – President Brems                                 AGENDA ITEM K

L. UCAT Office Rental Policy – VP Brinkerhoff                                                     AGENDA ITEM L

M. Evaluation of Presidents: Maughan, Wood, Weight – President Brems   AGENDA ITEM M

N. UBATC Property Exchange with Duchesne County SD – VP Brinkerhoff   AGENDA ITEM N

O. MATC & Yesco Lease – VP Brinkerhoff                                                             AGENDA ITEM O

P. MATC & Da Vinci Management Lease – VP Brinkerhoff                               AGENDA ITEM P


III. Information Items

Q. UCAT Coordinated Audit – Utah State Auditor John Dougall                            AGENDA ITEM Q

R. Rebecca D. Lockhart Scholarship Donation – Pres. Brems, Chair Bingham   AGENDA ITEM R

S. Expiring Terms for UCAT Board Members – VP Haines                                         AGENDA ITEM S

T. 2015 Legislative Session Review – President Brems                                                AGENDA ITEM T

U. UCAT Performance-Based Funding – VP Brinkerhoff                                           AGENDA ITEM U

V. Legislative Audits – President Brems, LFA Staff                                                      AGENDA ITEM V

W. Program Approvals – Vice President Haines                                                         AGENDA ITEM W

X. Office of the UCAT President Budget Report – VP Brinkerhoff                           AGENDA ITEM X

Y. BATC Campus President Search – President Brems                                               AGENDA ITEM Y


V. Closed Session Board may elect to go into closed session, which will not be open to the public, pursuant to Utah Code Section 52-4-204-206.


VI. Adjourn


Public Notice of Electronic Meeting Access (UCA 52-4-207(3)):  This meeting will be provided with electronic meeting access via conference/speaker telephone for Board of Trustee members only by prior arrangement with the board secretary.  The Utah College of Applied Technology shall be the anchor location for public attendance.